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Emma Frost

I am, by definition, my own best friend.

May. 15th, 2030

white queen;


Jun. 23rd, 2027

« Oh, for God's sake. »

Drink your damn tea and shut up, woman.

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Nov. 12th, 2026

« We're trying to save the world »

EARLY YEARS & HELLFIRE ◆ one. early life; expectations, migraines, power development ◆ two. decline; Mr Kendall, sisterly fights, Christian ◆ three. leaving; chosen as heir, leaving home, going it alone ◆ four. working life; Troy, gambling debts, kidnap plot ◆ five. moving up; ransom, Troy's death, Adrienne's help ◆ six. New York; taking the money, brotherhood kidnapping, forgetting ◆ seven. university; Ian, Astrid and devastation ◆ eight. power; dark Beast, rise to power, loosening restraint ◆ nine. business expansion; frost international, business and power ◆ ten. hellfire club; stripping, refusing Xavier, Shaw ◆ eleven. white queen; overthrowing the inner circle, gaining control ◆ twelve. hellions; acquiring powerful mutants, training students ◆ thirteen. namor; time in atlantis, the sentinels, mind wipe ◆ fourteen. Kitty; attempts to recruit, x-men battles, storms body ◆ fifteen. phoenix; mastermind, black queen, dark phoenix, coma ◆ sixteen. training; problems with empath, thunderbird leader ◆ seventeen. beyonder; new mutants, mental trauma, magneto ◆ eighteen. magma; returning to hellions, sending empath and magma home ◆ nineteen. magneto; teaming up, defending, n'astirh ◆ twenty. shaw's ousting; magneto defeats shaw, emma sides with magneto, shaw voted out ◆ twenty one. inferno; death of the hellions, trevor fitzroy, coma
X-MEN ◆ one. iceman; body swapping with bobby, attempting escape, learning of the hellions ◆ two. training; regaining her body, training with banshee ◆ three. bobby; iceman's wounds, pushing the buttons, repair ◆ four. Adrienne; attacking the school, synch's death, sororicide ◆ five. genosha; teaching in genosha, sentinel plot, secondary mutation ◆ six. cuckoos; teaching the stepford sisters, beast's friendship, resentment ◆ seven. kick; kid omega, sophie's heroism, five become four ◆ eight. psychic affair; luring scott, jean finds out, mental anguish ◆ nine. phoenix's death; jean's death, moving on, scott ◆ ten. teaching; headmistress of xaviers, teaching hellions, xman ◆ eleven. rachel grey; defeat on astral plane, offering help ◆ twelve. house of m; aiding wolverine, reawakening memories, m-day ◆ thirteen. new hellfire; conferring with secret shadows, losing trust ◆ fourteen. warsong; helping scott, hosting phoenix, the stepford clones
REBUILDING ◆ one. messiah complex; manifest destiny ◆ two. utopia; the fifty state initiative, finding home, calling all mutants ◆ three. empath; twisted by Goblin Queen, searching Scott's mind ◆ four. dark reign; joining the cabal, turning dark ◆ five. namor; striking up deals, memories returned ◆ six. double cross; fooling namor, arresting shaw ◆ seven. dark x-men; making a team, working with namor, peacekeeping ◆ eight. tensions; keeping daken in check, avoiding deaths ◆ nine. Prof X; finding out the truth, digging deeper ◆ ten. betrayal; double crossing, crippling the cabal, reunion ◆ eleven. void; assisting sentry, losing to void, remaining diamond ◆ twelve. scott; opening her mind to scott, sealing the void
SECOND COMING ◆ one. parting ways; considering joining logan, staying with scott ◆ two. mister sinister; biggest battle, losing her arm, staying diamond ◆ three. phoenix returns; defending hope, to the moon, becoming a phoenix avatar ◆ four. phoenix five; battling avengers, sending namor to wakanda ◆ five. expanded power; hearing everything, losing control ◆ six. beginning of the end; dominance, battling scott, xaviers death ◆ seven. restarting; prison sentence, attempted assassination ◆ eight. break out; power corruption, escaping prison, breaking up ◆ nine. searching; looking for new mutants, relearning her powers ◆ ten. time travellers; jean grey, kitty pryde, teaching ◆ eleven. mending; helping young jean control her powers, relearning her own powers ◆ twelve. moving on; arguing with stark, defending magneto, supporting irma

BELONGINGShellfire outfitgeneration x suitnew x-men costumeastonishing x-men costumedark x-men costumephoenix avatar outfitall new x-men outfitcerebrapicture with the original hellions
POWERSpsychic powers:
broadcasting & receiving thoughtsmild mind controltelepathic suggestionpsychic lie detectionaltering perceptions & memoriesprojection of offensive blastspsychic surgery
organic diamond form:
superhuman strengthsuperhuman staminasuperhuman durability
Total Memories: #59
Bold = locked. Italic = unlocked. Strike = dreamt.

Oct. 19th, 2020

« some days it feels like i'm just here for the shoes. »

and the eternal hope I will be issued minions.

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Oct. 16th, 2020

« of course I'm a threat »

Did you think for one moment I wasn't?

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